Capezio Snakespine Dance Sneaker Purple

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Описание товара

The SnakeSpine™ is a versatile Dansneaker® designed and engineered for natural responsiveness across a wide range of activity and movement with an open port forefoot that removes unnecessary weight and material that is prohibitive to natural movement and distributes weight naturally across forefoot.

Flex grooves allow for a more natural and technically accurate motion and provide enhanced flexibility for true forefoot articulation and side walls ample enough to provide stability and room for quick side to side motion, push offs and rolls and maintains a clean aesthetic.
Dual density forepart for controlled turns and spins and for traction to push off and stop and the Re.Bar.Tec™ provides both medial/lateral and arch support.
Specially designed upper compliments the natural movement of the outsole. The SnakeSpine™ dance sneaker blends performance materials for a dynamic fit and features leather, Nappa PU and Nylon Spandex with elastic, gore and EVA accents.
SnakeSpine™ is designed to support and cushion the foot. Foam padded footbed and TPU outsole is non-marking, lightweight and supportive. Slip on style with the ability to adjust security with elasticized laces — cut, trim and knot.

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